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Enjoy and Get Hungry with Hot Dog Bush

Hot Dog Bush is a simple game where you get to own a hot dog stand and operate it. The game will have a lot of customers on the line that you need to serve. For sure you know well how hotdogs are useful when it comes to your needs in getting a full stomach, and is a very popular on-the-go meal.

There is a bit of a story in the game where the owner is the president of the U.S, and he gets thrown out. His career became new immediately after he saw someone throw a hot dog on the trash bin where there are lots of hot dogs. Looks like Mr. ex-president has decided to use his own recipe to make the best hot dog that people will love, and it’s up to you to handle the business in order to serve properly the people who are in great need of this tasty on-the-go food!

There are two types of game modes that you can choose from: career and speed. Career mode consists of levels around the city where you need to serve customers. Take note that each level can get harder every time you progress, and that’s why you need to step up your game everytime you complete it. Speed mode consist of a single game where you just need to deliver as fast as you can. This is a mode that goes from easy, up to hard in an endless loop of customers – just to see if you’re fast in dealing with them. Make sure you also check the Whack Your Ex game which is very fun and interesting. Whack your ex can be accessed by following this link.

You need to get a certain amount of money in order to complete the level, and this means that you need to sell a lot of hot dogs. There are customers that will arrive on your place to ask for a hot dog. Take note that they have their own preferences such as a hot dog with ketchup or just a plain one. You need to click on the bun to prepare it, and so as the hot dog to cook it. Wait for it to get cooked and drag it to the bun, then drag the ketchup to it if needed. Once done, drag it to the customer for you to get your money. Take note that some customers can get impatient which is why you need to be fast before the time runs out so that you can get a lot of money. We recommend you checking the Kissing Games Website for more interesting and unexpected gaming titles.

This will make your child learn something when it comes to providing service as a business owner, and this is good for the sake of educational purposes – not just for entertainment. This is a very simple game that has easy mechanics, but is addicting just like what most restaurant games are. So be sure to try out Hot Dog Bush for you to experience a good game that will help the child handle a business, as well as make them hungry since hot dogs are absolutely yummy!